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IBM i Modernization Using PHP[2010-09-08] [Clicks:]

Whether you are new to PHP or have been developing solutions for several years, you’ll want to join Zend Solution Consultant Mike Pavlak and his very special guest Alison Butterill, IBM’s Power Systems Application Development Offering Mgr, for this strategic update about IBM modernization using PHP. Mike and Alison will discuss the latest updates in the Zend product line, IBM i and the most exciting partnership to hit the midrange market in 20 years. They will introduce some of the key features of Zend Server and share a behind-the-scenes discussion of how the new Fast CGI PHP architecture was implemented.

Mike and Alison will also share what several customers are doing with PHP on their IBM i and show how virtually any IBM i shop can start building PHP examples in as little as 1 hour! There will be an exploration of the sample applications delivered with Zend Server, plenty of software updates and maybe even a few surprises.

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